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Club 150th Dinner 2021
Date: 23-07-2021 18:00
Type: Social
Section: Adults

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This was an extraordinary dinner as the Covid-19 pandemic meant that there wasn't any competitive rugby during the season. Ealing 1871 decided to continue training right through this period and it was appropriate to hold an end of season dinner.

This dinner was originally scheduled for Friday 25th June 2021 but changes to government policy prevented this from taking place. Fortunately we had booked a backup event and this did take place on Friday 23rd July.

Given the absence of competitive rugby the number of awards was foreshortened and focused on training performance. It was also an opportunity to celebrate the exit from severe Covid-19 restrictions enabling the 1871 teams to resume contact training and to prepare for a new competitive season for 2021/22.

Also the awards which were won during the 2019/20 season were presented as this was delayed as the 2019/20 dinner was a virtual event held using Zoom.

Guest of honour Dave Horne presented the cap awards for the 2019/20 season.

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