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Martin Armstrong Memorial Ealing v Oxford Marathon 1981
Date: 11-10-1981 14:00
Type: Match
Section: Adults

Extract from the match programme.

In its 111 years of existence, Ealing F.C. has surely never suffered so profound a loss as it did last year when my younger brother, Martin, died as a result of an injury sustained on the rugby field.

In his two seasons with Ealing, Martin epitomized the whole ethos of this great game, quickly rising from the 6th to 1st XV, making many friends on and off the field as a result. His great sense of fun also made him the ideal choice for Social Secretary, a post he was unfortunately unable to continue for this season.

Martin effectively died playing the game he loved so much following a collision of heads whilst characteristically committing himself to the tackle, ball in hand, although he survived for three weeks in Intensive Care.

It is partly in thanks to the Medical Staff at the Radcliffe Hospitals in Oxford for their dedication and care that this game is being played, but perhaps the main reason is that I know this is the way Martin would like to be remembered.

My own thanks and those of my family plus those of Ealing F.C. as a whole are sincerely offered to all those taking part in this game. I feel sure that Martin would be highly embarrassed that such a distinguished collection of top class players should be playing together in his honour.

Pete Armstrong
Club Captain

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